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Rising to the Challenge in 2013

Mote Center for Shark Research team prepares to satellite tag a bull shark in Boca Grande Pass - June 2012.

North Port, FL - January 31, 2013

Sean Paxton & Brooks Paxton II

Plans Announced for 2013 Guy Harvey Ultimate Shark Challenge

Sean and Brooks Paxton, the event’s creators and producers have confirmed that plans are underway to extend the USC’s mission of sport, science and conservation. The brothers say, “We’re proud to see how our collaborative efforts with this event have evolved, especially in light of some exciting new research and distance learning initiatives we’re involved with this year. We prioritize our professional efforts to support science and education so this is a great opportunity to continue that important work with Mote Marine Laboratory and the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation.”

According to Dr. Bob Hueter, Director of Mote Marine Laboratory’s Center for Shark Research, “Our plan right now is to work with anglers including those who have fished past USC tournaments to help us catch, tag and release sharks in Boca Grande Pass and surrounding areas for our new studies on the sharks there and the surrounding waters of Charlotte Harbor and the Gulf of Mexico. Anglers will help us tag sharks over the course of the spring and summer seasons and will report recaptures and resightings to the Mote CSR.  A select group of anglers will also work with us to catch sharks for satellite, acoustic tagging, and other advanced methods to study shark behavior during tarpon season in the Pass. Tagging helps us determine residency time, migratory patterns, and growth of the sharks. Our work will also focus on shark-tarpon interactions so we will be collaborating with other scientists who are experts in tarpon behavior and ecology. In those studies we also will also be engaging the local sport fishing community.”

To accommodate these developing plans, the two-day Ultimate Shark Challenge tournament and public festival, familiar to many, will not be held this year. However, the Paxton Brothers are working with their partners to create angler incentive and reward programs and interactive involvement of the public through innovative new educational outreach programs. They are also continuing their strategic alliance with the Boca Grande Area Chamber of Commerce and the World's Richest Tarpon Tournament to maximze their mission-similar objectives in the responsible use and enjoyment of our shared coastal and marine resources. 

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GH-USC Featured on Shark Week!

The 2012 Guy Harvey Ultimate Shark Challenge, as featured on Discovery Channel Shark Week's 25th Anniversary Season. We'd like to thank all our teams, observers, fans, sponsors, partners, supporters, production collaborators, and of course - the sharks, for helping us reach millions of people around the world in our 3rd year.

Ultimate Shark Challenge event created and produced by Sean Paxton and Brooks Paxton. Live event production by Think Out Loud Productions.



2012 Tournament Standings

We'd like to congratulate all our competitors for making this an exciting tournament for fans and spectators. Despite the low total number of qualifying sharks caught, every team fought hard until the end in what turned out to be a very close and hard-fought competition. We'd also like to thank all our sponsors, partners and the media for making it all possible. We'll be updating the site with plenty of pictures and video from the weekend so stay tuned. For now, we proudly present our 2012 Champions and tournament standings.

Day 2, May 6th:

Species: bull shark, lemon shark
Total length: 6 - 7 foot bull shark, 7 - 8 foot lemon shark
Total Points: 650 + Day one points 320 = 970 total points
100 bonus points for largest shark caught day 2.

L-R: Sean Paxton, Capt. Brandon Naeve & Son, Capt. Tom Reutter, Observer-Peter Monroe, Brooks Paxton II

Species: bull shark, blacktip shark, bull shark
Total length: 5 - 6 foot bull shark, 5 - 6 foot blacktip shark, 6 - 7 foot bull shark
Total Points: 820 + Day one points 100 = 920 total points
100 bonus points for most sharks caught day 2.

L-R: Sean Paxton, Capt. Wayne Nichols, Capt. Zach Gerzeny, Capt. Dave Ertle, Observer-Nicole Williams, Brooks Paxton II

THIRD PLACE OVERALL: Team Lunatic Fringe
Species: great hammerhead shark
Total length: 6 - 7 feet
Total Points:470
100 bonus points for first shark caught day 2.

L-R: Sean Paxton, Wayne DeYorgi, Kevin Kudlick, Brooks Paxton II

Day 1, May 5th:

FIRST PLACE: Team Wounded Warrior II
Species: lemon shark
Total length: 8 - 9 feet
Points: 340
100 bonus points & cash prize for largest shark caught that day.

SECOND PLACE: Team: Luigi's Pizzeria
Species: bull shark
Total length: 7 - 8 feet
Points: 330

THIRD PLACE: Team Mudslinger
Species: bull shark
Total length: 6 - 7 feet
Points: 320330

FOURTH PLACE: Team Waterline
Species: nurse shark
Total length: 7 - 8 feet
Points: 180
100 bonus points & cash prize for 1st shark caught that day.

FIFTH PLACE: Team Pole Dancer
Species: blacktip shark
Total length: 5 - 6 feet
Points: 100

2012 Champions Announced!

Congratulations to the 2012 Champions ... Team Mudslinger! We'd like to thank all our teams, observers, fans, sponsors, partners and the media for helping us take it up a few notches this year. WHAT A WEEKEND! More details to come. Stay tuned!


Colton James - Save it for the Kids!

May we propose a few toasts. First off - hats off! To Colton, we thank you for taking the time to record this important message, and for an inspired song that captures the essence of what drives us all in our love for the outdoors and commitment to the sustainable use and enjoyment of our natural resources.  We've got to think beyond today and not just about what's in it for us. That's what legacy is all about and it's why "Save it for the Kids" really strikes a chord.

To that end, we've been working with Lew Hastings this year on a strategic alliance between our events, the Guy Harvey Ultimate Shark Challenge and the World's Riches Tarpon Tournament. Sharing in collaboration with Guy Harvey, the Ocean Foundation and Colton James has really helped take it to the level and the volume that it deserves to be. Cheers & Tight Lines, Everyone. We look forward to seeing you all real soon at our events in May!

CHECK OUT THE OFFICIAL GUY HARVEY OCEAN FOUNDATION THEME SONG - Featured in this promotional radio spot, as performed by Colton James!

L-R: Brooks Paxton II, Colton James, Sean Paxton at the 2011 Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation Banquet.