2012 GH-USC Official Press Release
Wednesday, April 11, 2012 at 07:21PM
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This latest release contains additional details about this year's competition and free three-day public festival including a BIG kickoff party Friday night, May 4th. We look forward to seeing everyone out there. Bring your families because there will be plenty to do, see and experience for all ages including live shark-release fishing action on the stadium-sized Go-Vision screen. Read More...

For all you teams that have contacted us about getting in the ring, we're still accepting entries. Don't forget - Discovery Channel is filming the event for a special to debut during this year's Shark Week! This is your chance to show your stuff to the WORLD!

We had a lot of requests for a copy of the official 2011 event program. We're out of hard copies, but now you can view it all here.








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