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Burnt Store Marina Host Location

Realmark Development and Burnt Store Marina will host the Qualifying Round of the Guy Harvey Ultimate Shark Challenge.

This event marks the official tournament kickoff on Friday, April 30th with a Captain's meeting and media day. Fishing will commence on Saturday morning with a shotgun start at 7:30am and end with 'lines out' at 4pm. Competition continues with the remaining top teams on Sunday fishing the same schedule.

The top 5 teams at the end of fishing on Sunday will advance to the Grand Championship at Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium the weekend of May 21 - 23.


Tournament Observer Program

The Guy Harvey Ultimate Shark Challenge tournament observer program is an integral component of the organization's mission to effectively combine the goals of sport, science and conservation. Applicants will complete a free training session conducted by tournament staff and biologists from Mote's Center for Shark Research. All attendees will be trained in:

- Professional Conduct
- Species Identification
- Documenting Catch & Release Procedures
- Rules and Regulations of the USC
- Competitive Point Scoring
- Reporting Rules Violations

Upon completion of this training, certified observers will receive all items necessary to fulfill their tournament duties, as well as official tournament observer hats and t-shirts.

All interested parties are urged to visit the official tournament website at to gain a general understanding of the event and its innovative competitive elements. Observer application forms can also be viewed and downloaded for submission from the USC Observers link.


Mote Recognized by Florida House 

Florida House Recognizes "Powerhouse" of Marine Research 

The Directors of the USC extend a personal congratulation to our science and research partner for this prestigious level of well-deserved recognition.  

In honor of Mote Marine Laboratory's 55th anniversary this year, the Florida House passed a resolution on Wednesday, March 10, recognizing the nonprofit organization as a "powerhouse of near-shore marine research" and commended its "tireless pursuit of answers to some of the ocean's most pressing questions" and its efforts to share "its knowledge with the world." The resolution, introduced by Rep. Keith Fitzgerald, D-Sarasota, was co-sponsored by 111 representatives during Oceans Day in Tallahassee. Florida Sen. Mike Bennett, R-Bradenton, has also introduced a similar resolution in the Senate. (Click here to view a PDF of the full resolution at

"Today is Oceans Day at the Florida Capitol and in honor of Mote Marine Laboratory's 55th anniversary, we'd like to commemorate the accomplishments of this important institution," Fitzgerald said Wednesday on the House floor as he introduced the resolution. (Click here for info about Oceans Day.)

Mote was created in 1955 by Dr. Eugenie Clark, who will herself be inducted into the Florida Women's Hall of Fame later this month. From its beginnings as a small, one-room, one-woman operation focused on sharks, the Lab has grown into one of Florida's leading marine research and outreach organizations with a main campus in Sarasota and field stations in eastern Sarasota County, Charlotte Harbor and the Florida Keys. Mote has nearly 200 staff members conducting research on sharks, red tide, marine mammals, sea turtles, coral reefs, fisheries, coastal ecology and aquaculture. Mote's 1,300 volunteers contribute more than 200,000 volunteer hours to the organization.

Each year, 350,000 visitors are drawn to Mote Aquarium, one of the largest attractions in Southwest Florida, and another 28,000 students are educated through Mote programs on campus and even off campus through SeaTrek, Mote's premiere Distance Learning program.

The resolution also noted Mote's numerous academic affiliations with Florida universities, including its "landmark affiliation agreement with the University of South Florida that allows two of the state's leading research institutions to join forces in new science ventures, provide expanded learning programs, and create economic development opportunities for the region."

"On behalf of Mote's scientists, staff, volunteers and board members, I am truly honored to accept this recognition," said Mote President, Dr. Kumar Mahadevan, who was in Tallahassee Wednesday. Mahadevan and members of Mote's Board of Trustees were recognized on the House floor after the resolution was passed.

"Mote was just a small field station when it started," Mahadevan said. "Throughout the years, through the efforts of many, we've been able to increase the knowledge about Florida's environment and expand our research programs into other areas of the world. We could not have been so successful in our research, conservation and outreach missions without the support of Florida's residents, our local delegation members and the Legislature as a whole."


Golden Hippo Radio Show

Had great time on the air with Jeff Collins and Tommy the Producer this morning. We'd like to extend our thanks for their hospitality and the opportunity to share information about the Guy Harvey Ultimate Shark Challenge with their listeners.

Jeff Collins 'The Golden Hippo' can be heard in the southwest Florida area weekday mornings from 7 - 9 on Clear Channel's 1580 am.

L-R: Brooks Paxton II, Captain Robert Moore, Sean Paxton, Jeff Collins

L-R: Tommy 'The Producer, Captain Robert Moore, Brooks Paxton II


03/11/10 Radio Appearance

Guy Harvey Ultimate Shark Challenge Tournament Directors (Sean Paxton, Brooks Paxton II and Captain Robert Moore) will be in the studio and on the air with Jeff Collins to talk shop about the tournament and the latest in related news and updates.

Listeners in the Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda areas of southwest Florida can tune in to 1580 am on March 11th for 'The Golden Hippo' from 7 - 9 am and can expect tournament talk during the second hour from 8 - 9.