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Discovery Shark Week to Feature Ultimate Shark Challenge

With 10 weeks and counting, we're excited to announce some breaking news and give everyone a little sneak peek at this year's tournament and festival. Special thanks, as always, to Media Partner and tournament sponsors, Waterline Magazine, the Suncoast Media Group and Waterline Editor, Josh Olive for helping us get the word out.

Everyone mark your calendars now for May 4th - 6th. The circus is coming to town and this time the world will get to see what we've all been up to. Our sincere thanks to everyone involved for helping us come this far!

Cheers - The Paxon Bros

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Shark Bros Thank Hometown Magazine

We'd like to thank the folks at ROI Media, North Port Magazine and Jessica Pilkins for taking the interest and investing the time in writing this piece. Although, we've traveled to all parts of the globe in the time since, we've called North Port home since the late 1900's! 1978, to be exact. No matter where we go on the land or in the sea, this is where we've called home since leaving our ancestral roots in Western Pennsylvania. This community is important to us so we really appreciate this article and hope you enjoy it. Please pick up a copy when you see it or subscribe by visiting them online at:

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Bucky Dennis and The Ultimate Shark Challenge

In this article IGFA World Record Holder and USC Tournament Angler, Bucky Dennis talks with Josh Olive about his experiences with great hammerheads, world records, why he's involved with the Guy Harvey Ultimate Shark Challenge, and more.



Guy Harvey on the Ultimate Shark Challenge

In this piece, Guy Harvey, strategic alliance partner and title sponsor of the Ultimate Shark Challenge, shares his thoughts about shark tournaments, why the industry needs to change, and why he chose to support our next generation shark release format.



2011 Results & Wrap-Up

We'd like to thank Waterline Magazine Editor and Sun Herald Staff Writer, Josh Olive, for his in-depth coverage of the 2011 Guy Harvey Ultimate Shark Challenge Tournament & Festival over the past 2 months. Our media partnership with him and the Sun Newspapers was an immense asset in helping to get the word out to people in our regional communities who came out in the thousands this past weekend to take part in this very special event. There's a lot more to come in the way of photos and video, but in the meantime, Josh does a great job summing it all up in this piece from today's Waterline. Thanks again, Josh and all of you who came out to join us this past weekend. You made it all happen!

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